Paleo Sleep book

Improve the overall health of your sleep in 6 simple steps: increasing your energy levels, increase immunity, slow the aging process and improve your overall health and performance in 3 days only!
hi. My name is James Daniels, ex-Insomniac, the paleo diet to follow and author of paleo, bestselling software to improve sleep and waking cycle through your reorganization of your sleep with mother nature.
That's me on the right with my wife Katie. Yes, I look a lot healthier than I did 15 years ago.

In a nutshell, my program teaches others how to sleep like a Caveman, which means getting a good, solid, refreshing night sleep every single night.
So whether you have a couple of bad night sleep each week, or you're an experienced Insomniac like you, or you simply want to maximize your potential to improve your health, increase energy levels, reducing the chance of illness, and raise your productivity levels, live longer and feel generally happier and more alive, my program will cure you.
If you have landed on this page and thinking, "so, what's a little lost sleep? What is a few nights in late? I'll sleep when I'm dead! "
Considering how important diet is to repair the body and prevent disease, preventing fatigue, and promote longevity. They are just some of the reasons why I went paleo in the first place, right?

Well, skimping on sleep has exactly as many serious health effects such as a diet laden with processed sugars, dairy and gluten:
RISK 1: firefighter health heart and vascular.
Have been linked sleep deprivation to high blood pressure, and increased levels of the stress hormone and cardiac arrhythmias.

Risk 2: vulnerability.
Sleep deprivation alters immune function, including the activity of killer cells that combat immunity, which means you're more likely to get patients with serious illness.
RISK 3: overweight.
Sleep deprivation affects the way the body stores and produce carbohydrates. This changes the activity of hormones that regulate appetite and cause us to crave more food.

RISK 4: increase the risk of accidents

Those with sleep debts is 10X are more prone to car accident and other incidents a year. You are also more likely to make mistakes at work, which can be very dangerous if you're a doctor, pilot or machines.

RISK 5: increased risk of depression.

Lack of sleep affects mood. It makes us irritable and impatient and weaken concentration and focus. And being in this area makes us happy and morale, which affects our relationships, work performance, and exercise and dietary habits. Stay like this for very long and depression can set in, causing another issue to deal with.

Yes, sleep is vital to our health, and not getting enough of it is a very serious health risk.

And believe me, I found out the hard way ...

I hit the wall from insomnia during my teens. I went through some difficult times, what with my parents a break, and pressure from studies and the loss of a close friend. By the 1920s I'd zombie walk, which did not help the fact that I was working nights to support my studies. This exacerbated existing debt sleep you had built up, and by the time they put on the pill, I was at the door of mental and physical fatigue.

Frankly, I thought I was going to die.
I actually began to wonder to any human being can live without sleep.
I was breathless, tired, gaining weight, pale and cold after suffering a cold.
The pill did not put me to sleep, but as soon as I came off them I went right back to my old sleep habits-a couple of hours at night, if that. I was totally lost, my body doesn't know when to sleep and can only sleep with meds. I was getting weaker and sicker.

I failed the College, I lost my girlfriend and I got depressed. I felt like crap and looked like crap.

I had to sort themselves by lack of sleep completely destroyed my life. So I took a stand. And I figured, I don't sleep, so why not use this time to try and crawl out of the ditch.

Cut a long story short, I threw the pills away and went to the local library.

I started using those sleepless nights. She studied sleep through the ages and changes in the way man lived 10,000 years ago to the way you live today.

What I discovered was incredible. Sleep problems, as we know it today, began only on the surface for about 200-300 years, largely as a man living and eating differently and take medicines concocted.

When the electricity came on things got worse a whole lot because we're sleeping at odd hours. When the agricultural revolution full tempo changes in food, work, modern living that began to seriously mess with our sleep.

And here we are today, with 1 in 3 Americans suffer some degree of insomnia, and 1 in 10 to the pills.

What the hell? This is crazy!
How can something so normal has become so difficult?
Natural sleep and eat, and just as important to our health. However, we have neglected the sleep badly so we have become sick.

And so I took radical action. AB started testing my sleep, test the impact of certain aspects of the lifestyle in my sleep and discovered six key areas that were costing me my sleep. Simply by improving six core areas of my lifestyle and environment,

Paleo Sleep will help you.

  • Fall asleep within seconds
  • Sleep all the way through the night
  • Sleep 7-8 hours every night
  • Sleep through the noise
  • Sleep well even when sharing the bed
  • Wake up feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and raring to go!