Stretching exercises for women to lose weight

Stretching exercises for women to lose weight
Stretching the muscles is a great way to improve tone and flexibility to target specific area and, stretching routine can help you regularly reduce stress, reduce the risk of muscle and arthritis. But you could actually strengthen low-stretch workout and weight loss. While not extending to burn calories from aerobic activity like running, it still raises the heart rate, enhance overall fitness.

This is the most popular extension can help to tone the upper thighs and buttocks. Place your body against the wall, standing straight as possible. Then place your feet along with the toes pointing straight ahead. Inhale and raise your arms to the sides, hold them directly in front of you at shoulder height. Exhale and bend the thighs, keeping your back pressed against the wall. When the legs are bent at a 45 degree angle approximations, stop and hold for 30 seconds. Then slowly return to its original position. Repeat this 4 times per day, 3 days per week to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

To make this easier, place your feet spread shoulder width apart and bend your knees just a little bit, rather than an attempt at a 45-degree angle.

Crescent is one of those great extensions that works to tone your thighs, buttocks and abdominal muscles all in one smooth movement. This is done through the stand with your feet a comfortable width apart, let your arms hang loosely on your side. Take a deep breath, and bring your arms up, raising them above your head. Exhale and lower your arms, reaching for your toes. Then bend your knees a little, put your hands on the ground. Inhale and move your foot right directly behind you, take a step back. Bend your left leg and right foot so that it is aligned both heels. When you have your balance, lift both your arms straight to the top. Point your fingers toward the ceiling, hold this pose for 10 seconds.

To facilitate this, cut the leg behind you, resting your weight on the knee and put your hands on your thighs rather than lift them overhead. To make it more difficult, and arch your back and tilt your head backwards when your arms are extended, staring at the ceiling for a period.

The purpose of the Saw is to extend the hamstrings and gently work the muscles of the trunk and pelvis. Sit on the floor with legs extended in front of you, a little bit further than shoulder width apart. Sit straight and look straight ahead. Extend your arms at the sides, and upgrading the level of the shoulder. Take a deep breath and pull yourself up, straightening the spine, and make yourself as tall as possible. Slowly exhale and stretch your left hand to your right foot, turning the upper part of the body and you move. Expand your as far as you can and hold for 8 seconds. Return to your original position. Repeat to use right hand and left foot of access. Repeat this exercise, alternating arms, until you have used both arms four times.

To facilitate this extension, up to your knees rather than your toes. To make this more difficult stretch, extend the width between your feet before you start stretching, cut your head your knees once you've extended your hand past your toes.

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